Help Families Affected by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all -- and, the world literally changed overnight.

Starting in mid-March (and still effective today), the president of the Dominican Republic declared a state-of-emergency and issued a "stay at home" order for the entire country. Businesses, factories, mototaxis, and all non-essential services (including Project Mañana's school and Nutrition Center) have been temporarily shut down. This caused a very quick and severe financial crisis for the families that Project Mañana serves.

The reality is that families living in poverty survive day-to-day and do not have a safety net in times of crisis.

There is Good News...

When Project Mañana was forced to temporarily close its Nutrition Center during this crisis, we immediately redeployed our services and resources to provide over 300 impoverished families with a take-home supply of food and sanitary supplies. We also increased our support and counseling efforts.

Now, we need Your Help to continue serving families affected by COVID-19!

Would you please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to Project Mañana's general fund? When you give generally, it allows us to work specifically.

As little as $100 will provide a family of four with food, sanitary supplies, and support for one month.


Project Mañana has an urgent need for disposible masks and rubber gloves to support our Nutrition, Education and Prison Projects. While we typically have a stock of these supplies for our staff, the COVID-19 pandemic has exhausted our stock — and there's limited availability in the Dominican Republic to obtain more.

If you have access to THESE supplies - masks and gloves - would you consider Project Mañana as a source to receive them?

Mask and Glove donations can be sent to:

Project Mañana International
c/o Agape Flights
100 Airport Ave, STI 25893
Venice, Florida 34285