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Issue 5, Vol. 1
 Serving In The Dominican Republic 
May 2012
President's Message
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In our last two newsletters, we announced that only 12 children remained from our second group of children who needed sponsors. This month, I am VERY pleased (and EXTREMELY humbled) to announced that ALL children have been sponsored!! Not only is this amazing news in itself, it means Project Mañana can open sponsorships to 50 additional children!

Our staff is diligently working to photograph and collect bios on the THIRD group of children; which will be posted to the Project Mañana website for sponsorship. We will keep you posted in the coming newsletters on the status.

In celebration of achieving our sponsorship goal, we are dedicating this newsletter to articles about American children who are making a difference in the lives of children in the Dominican Republic. The stories below are just two of MANY that we could share -- and we are so thankful for all the energy, generosity, and love people across America have poured out to the needy children of the Dominican Republic.

On behalf of 115 (and growing!) Project Mañana children, their families, and community, THANK YOU for "Working Together Today for a Better Tomorrow!™"

Please visit Project Mañana's website for more information on how you can partner with Project Mañana; including child sponsorship.

Working Together Today For A Better Tomorrow™


Brian Berman, Founder & President


Children Helping Children: The Story of Two Girls

Meet Madeline (3 years) and Olivia (6 years) -- two beautiful children who are anything but average.

From an early age Madeline and Olivia have been taught the importance of giving back. In everything they do, their parents have led by example.

Recently Project Mañana received a carefully-packed box which included: children's books, coloring supplies, stuffed animals, and shoes. Many of the items were specially selected from the girls' own collection. Project Mañana will send these items to the Dominican Republic to bless needy children.

At Project Mañana's private school, we are building a library of books in English and Spanish. This will be a free resource for the children, teachers, and the community to use. In addition, the coloring supplies that Madeline and Olivia provided, will be used for art classes provided at the school.

Project Mañana has something special in mind for the stuffed animals and shoes. We will be hosting a summer camp in July; where many children from the community will gather. During that week, Project Mañana team members will assess the needs of the children and distribute these items with care.

Project Mañana would like to thank Madeline, Olivia, and the entire Klausmeier family for their dedication and support!

Please join the Klausmeier family and Sponsor A Child TODAY!

An International Friendship 3,092 Miles Apart

The Diaz family began a relationship with Rose Merline through their sponsorship in 2011. Throughout their sponsorship, Doc, Peggy and their youngest daughter, Gabriella, have been in constant contact with Project Mañana and have gone above and beyond to provide Rose with support and resources.

Recently, the Diaz family decided to send a "care package" to Rose -- something that has impacted her young life dramatically. Project Mañana would like to share the story, written in Doc Diaz's own words:

My family and I first heard about Project Mañana when it was selected as the benefiting charity of the 2011 Crush & Roll West event in Paso Robles, California. We have always supported a wide range of charities, but it is especially gratifying to get our entire family involved at some level with our donations.

After deciding we wanted to support a child through Project Mañana, I asked my youngest daughter Gabriella (12-yrs) if she would like to look through all of the students and help select one for us to support. She took the time to review all the students on the web site, looking through their background and photos and she selected a young girl who is 8-years of age -- Rose Merline. Besides providing for Rose's essential education and nutrition, we also thought about what kinds of gifts she might like to receive.

My wife, Peggy, and Gabriella have been on the constant lookout for gifts for Rose as they go about their shopping and Gabriella drafted a letter to include with the package. Gabriella helped pick out some good books that she had enjoyed at Rose's age, a coloring book with crayons, and a Barbie. We wanted Rose to receive a package full of types of things Gabriella had played with when she was in second grade.

Taking the time to put together something for someone other than you is a rewarding experience for all. We are so privileged and most of us have been given so much. Even the less privileged in our country are blessed with many times the material wealth of those in underprivileged areas. It doesn't take much to brighten the lives of others and it is certainly critical to help educate the children of Project Mañana so that they can break the cycle of poverty and provide better lives for themselves and their future children.

It was rewarding to see the pictures of Project Mañana sent us of Rose holding all that was sent to her–it makes the donation much more real for us. We hope this package brought some cheer to her life and let her know that her sponsor family was thinking of her.

Gabriella's comment to all is, “if we all did some little thing for others, it would make the world a better place.”

Please join the Diaz family and Sponsor A Child TODAY!

Summer Camp Is Coming!

UPDATE: We are still in need of more sponsorships to send children to camp.

In July, Project Mañana will host its second-annual summer camp for the children in the community of La Yaguita de Pastor, Dominican Republic! With the success of last year's camp, many more children have already begun to inquire about this year.

To ensure each child receives the best possible experience and the most one-on-one attention, we will be limiting this year's summer camp to 120 children. This is a 140% increase from last year.

To help with the cost of the increase, Project Mañana would like to extend a special invitation to make a one-time donation of $10.00 to send a child to camp.

During their summer camp, children will enjoy:

  • Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Meals
  • Story Time
  • Singing
  • And Much More!

Please help! Click Here to send a needy child to summer camp.

Project Mañana's Annual Report

Project Mañana Growth Update
From September 30, 2010 (when Project Mañana officially open its doors) to September 30, 2011, Project Mañana has seen an amazing 238% growth in its core programs.

Project Mañana, through the generous partnership of many sponsors across the United States, is now providing education, nutritious meals 5-days per week, and guidance to 115 children in the Dominican Republic! That's an astounding 238% growth in our first year of service!

The growth is a true testament to the hard work of the Dominican-based Project Mañana team and the many sponsors who have made it their mission to help provide a Better Tomorrow for the children of La Yaguita de Pastor, Dominican Republic!

There are MANY more children in the community (we estimate another 200-300 conservatively) who desperately need education and nutrition. As more and more sponsors join the Project Mañana team, we will expand the programs to as many children as we can.

Please Help. Sponsor A Child TODAY!

Connect With Project Mañana's Social Networks
Did you know that 95% of Project Mañana's supporters stay connected with our efforts online and through electronic communication?

Knowing that, Project Mañana is working hard to deliver information, updates, and news in several areas of social media, including: Facebook, Twitter, and now YouTube!

Please take a minute to visit each of these social sites and "join" or "subscribe" to ensure you receive the latest information and updates on how your partnership is helping to change the lives of children in La Yaguita de Pastor, Dominican Republic.

Do you have a social media idea? Please share it with us!


 Project Mañana Needs Your Help!
Project Mañana is a non-profit 501(c)3 humanitarian organization dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished children, their families and communities through nutrition, education, and guidance.

We achieve our goals through charitable donations and child sponsorship, which unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children's immediate and basic needs. Sponsorship gives poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child - primarily in the areas of education and nutrition.

  Project Mañana International is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.
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