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Issue 8, Vol. 1 August 2011
President's Message
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By now, all Project Mañana child sponsors should have received a greeting card from your Project Mañana child. Sending out these cards was truly a highlight for the Project Mañana team as we knew that each child colored their card with a very thankful heart.

For those of you who have not yet sponsored a Project Mañana child, i would personally like to urge you to do so today. As you may know from reading our website, 80% of the original children have been sponsored -- with only 6 children who currently need a sponsor.

Once these children are all sponsored, Project Mañana will be able to open the program to another 15 children who desperately need a sponsor.

On another note, I would like to thank the host of volunteers who worked with Project Mañana staff to put on the first summer camp in La Yaguita de Pastor, Dominican Republic. WAY TO GO!

Please visit Project Mañana's website for more information on how you can partner with Project Mañana; including child sponsorship.

Working Together Today For A Better Tomorrow™


Brian Berman, Founder & President


Project Mañana Teacher Training A Success!

We announced in our July 1, 2011 newsletter that Project Mañana was excited to host the first-ever teach training with Ana Miladys Garcia, a licensed and certified school administrator.

Garcia has a superior reputation, and has worked as a daycare director, teacher, and currently works as a school administrator in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Today, we are very happy to report that the training was a HUGE success and the Project Mañana teachers are ready for the 2011/2012 school year.

Thanks to the intensive two-day training, the teachers are energized and equipped with new ideas.

"These teachers have dedicated their lives to helping the children here in La Yaguita and it was an honor to work with them," said Garcia.

She continued with, "there is so much potential at [Project Mañana's] private school...the teachers here want to do everything possible to help these children succeed in life."

Project Mañana is honored to have the teaching team that we do. They are truly doing an excellent job!!

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50+ Children Attended Project Mañana's Summer Camp

With summer in full swing, there is little for the children of La Yaguita, Dominican Republic to do. Most of the children spend their time running through the busy streets or looking for a place to play "stick ball" (a modified version of baseball played with a broom handle and water jug lids).

This year, however, the children in the community enjoyed something new and fun...Summer Camp!

The week-long camp was packed with more than 50 children (ages 2-14) excited for what each day would hold. The camp was led by a team of young-adult volunteers who partnered with Project Mañana's staff.

Throughout the week, the children enjoyed:

• Drama / Story Time
• Lots of Games
• Arts and Crafts
• Singing / Dancing
• and, of course, a Nutritious Meal

As the camp came to a close, the children were treated to an ice cream party -- with ice cream from their favorite local ice cream shop.

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Project Mañana Seeks International Project Coordinator
Within Project Mañana's short life of nine months, the organization has grown rapidly. We knew from the start that many people shared the same vision and that Project Mañana would be a success -- however, we didn't think it would come this fast!

To keep up with steady growth in the Dominican Republic, Project Mañana is looking to expand our team -- and fill a key international position.

Project Mañana is actively seeking to hire a full-time International Project Coordinator. This position will be based in the Dominican Republic, with a minimum of six months each year on the island.

The perfect candidate will have the following characteristics:
  • Excellent project and time management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Be self-motivated
  • Have strong leadership skills
  • Poses a high level of flexibility and patience
  • Have a huge heart for others
  • Must be over 18 years of age
Other helpful skills would include, but are not required:
  • Speak Spanish
  • Have management experience
  • Have mission experience
  • Have experience with international travel
This position will report directly to the Executive Director, and will assist the President on occasion. Fundraising and external support will be required, however Project Mañana will provide housing and a small stipend -- as well as help with fundraising efforts.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in applying for the International Project Coordinator position, please contact Project Mañana at info@projectmanana.org.

Project Niños Sponsorship Update
Project Mañana officially opened its doors on September 30, 2010 and launched the child sponsorship program in mid October 2010. In just under eight months, Project Mañana is excited (and very honored) to report that 68 percent of the children have been sponsored!

As of today, there are only 6 children in need of sponsorship. Once these children are sponsored, Project Mañana will be able to open the program to additional children who are desperately waiting for help.

By design, 100% of all sponsorship funds goes directly to the program. Project Mañana does not use any funds for administrative fees, travel, or salaries. When you sponsor a child, you'll have the peace-of-mind knowing that your money is managed with the utmost integrity to provide poor children with:

> Education - Private schooling, uniforms, supplies, teachers, & classrooms.
> Nutrition - A nutritious meal & Multi-Vitamin 5 days per week.
> Guidance - Partnership with a trained adult mentor.

Sponsorship starts at just $30 per month (that's less than $1 per day).

Please Help. Sponsor A Child TODAY!

Connect With Project Mañana's Social Networks
Did you know that 95% of Project Mañana's supporters stay connected with our efforts online and through electronic communication?

Knowing that, Project Mañana is working hard to deliver information, updates, and news in several areas of social media, including: Facebook, Twitter, and now YouTube!

Please take a minute to visit each of these social sites and "join" or "subscribe" to ensure you receive the latest information and updates on how your partnership is helping to change the lives of children in La Yaguita de Pastor, Dominican Republic.

Do you have a social media idea? Please share it with us!


 Project Mañana Needs Your Help!
Project Mañana is a non-profit 501(c)3 humanitarian organization dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished children, their families and communities through nutrition, education, and guidance.

We achieve our goals through charitable donations and child sponsorship, which unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children's immediate and basic needs. Sponsorship gives poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child - primarily in the areas of education and nutrition.

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