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Project Mañana International
Issue 8, Vol. 1
 Serving In The Dominican Republic 
December 2014
News From Project Mañana!
Nutrition Center Relocation: More Space, More Kids, More Food!
Nutrition Project: Children Eating
A small group of children eating at the new location
Last month we reported that Project Mañana has purchased a property and construction had begun to transform an existing structure on the property into our temporary nutrition center.

We are excited to announce that the effort to install doors, windows, sinks, plumbing, electricity, and a bathroom is now complete!

In addition to completing the renovations, we have now moved the Nutrition Project to this location.

This means that our cooks now have more space to prepare meals each day -- and that we now have enough space to feed the current population of 158+ children in the program.

While this is a step in the right direction -- and cause for celebration, there are still hundreds of starving children who desperately need a nutritious meal, clean drinking water, and multi-vitamin. Please consider partnering with Project Mañana by sponsoring a child. Together we CAN meet the needs of nearly 1,000 impoverished children who desperately need our help!

DON'T WAIT! ACT NOW: Click Here To Learn About Child Sponsorship.
Hope Center Kickstart Campaign: Phase 2
On November 24, 2014, Project Mañana began a fund-raising campaign to kickstart Phase 2 of the Hope Center building project. The goal is to raise $10,000 in 30 days (by December 24, 2014).

The Hope Center will be a place where up to 1,000 children can receive a nutritious meal, clean water, and a multi-vitamin on a daily basis. It will also provide a space for community activities, church services, disaster relief, and various training courses. Click here to learn more about the Hope Center and how it will radically change the community of San Pablo, Dominican Republic.

As of December 1, 2014, we are very excited to announce that in just the first six (6) days, people like you have helped raise $7,734 toward the Phase 2 goal of $10,000 -- that's means Phase 2 is 77% funded!

To complete Phase 2, we only need $2,266 (click here to donate).

".$Name.", would YOU please considering backing this kickstart campaign? No donation is too small -- and as an added incentive, we've created some amazing 'Thank You' rewards for donations of $10 and up. Some of the rewards include: having your name listed as a contributor, Project Mañana apparel, a trip to the Dominican Republic to see the Hope Center and meet the children, and more!

Since 2010, Project Mañana has provided 130,560 nutritious meals to impoverished children thanks to child sponsors. Please join Project Mañana to provide many, many more meals through the Hope Center!

Hope Center: Phase 2
Project Mañana Forms Men's Group
Project Mañana Men's Group
Project Mañana Men's Group
It is a heart breaking reality that many of the families in the Dominican Republic; and especially the community of San Pablo are broken.

Often, men abandon their family; or they simply aren't fulfilling their role as a leader in the home or community.

However, thanks to a recently-formed community men's group, Project Mañana is working to strengthen the family by teaching men how to live as authentic and empowered leaders in their home and community.

Last month, Project Mañana team members Nick Hartsfield and Brian Berman partnered with local community leader Juan Rodriguez to host the first meeting of a men's group. With an expected attendance of 6-8 men, we were blown away to have a total of 13 men show up!

That night one of the men stated: 'even though each of us live in this community, we have never been in the same room together discussing matters of such importance.'

In the first month, the men have learned -- and are now putting into practice: 1) Why it's important to have a men's group and 2) What God has established as a man's priorities. Next, the group will focus on what it means to be a leader in the home, church, and community.

It's been amazing (and very encouraging) to see that the men have reacted with an eagerness to learn and participate in group discussions. Even more exciting is to see how the men are putting into practice what they've learned!

It's Project Mañana desire to see God's love shine from every house in San Pablo, Dominican Republic. Changing an entire community that has been broken for so long is not an easy task, but through God's guidance and strength, Project Mañana is more than up for the challenge!
Project Mañana Hosts 1st Annual Family Day
Family Day
Project Mañana's team ready for Family Day!
On Black Friday, when many people tend to focus on finding the best shopping deals, Project Mañana wanted to keep the focus on family by hosting the 1st Annual Family Day in San Pablo, Dominican Republic.

There were games and face-painting for the kids, a clothing sale, and lunch was also provided for purchase. All items were sold for a nominal price with the dual purpose of: raise funds to help support Project Mañana's Private School and to empower the community with a sense of ownership by giving back.

As Project Mañana's team continues to builds relationships in the community, one of the top priorities is to operate with a long-term mentality. Years down the road, and even now, the people of San Pablo should be able to say 'Look what WE have accomplished in our community with the help of God and Project Mañana'.

We believe that God has called Project Mañana to share His love and to facilitate community-wide change without creating a mentality of entitlement. The 1st Annual Family Day is one of the ways Project Mañana is doing just that.
Project Mañana Store: Featured Merchandise
Project Mañana Needs Your Help!
Project Mañana is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to sharing the gospel and break the cycle of poverty by investing in impoverished children, their families and communities through clean water, nutrition, education, and discipling projects.

We achieve our goals through charitable donations and child sponsorship, which unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children's immediate and basic needs. Sponsorship gives poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child - primarily in the areas of education and nutrition.

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