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  Issue 6, Vol. 1
 Serving In The Dominican Republic 
August 2015  
News From Project Mañana!
Project Mañana Welcomes Kaicey Weber and Team
Kaicey Weber Mission Team
Kaicey Weber & College Mission Team
Project Mañana was honored to welcome Kaicey Weber to the Dominican Republic to serve a two week Summer internship, followed by her leading the very first college mission trip.

During her internship, Kaicey got a first-hand experience of life as a missionary in the Dominican Republic. She helped with everything from Project Mañana's Flower Girls program by teaching at-risk adolescents valuable sewing and scarf making skills, to hosting various activities (including stories, singing, and crafts) with the children at Project Mañana's Nutrition Center.  And, thanks to Kaicey, Project Mañana's private school, Dios Da la Sabiduría, got a fresh coat of paint in some of the classrooms.

While here, Kaicey also helped Project Mañana's staff prepare for a team of her peers who would arrive for the final week of her visit.  The team included two talented dental hygienists who went on to host TWO dental clinics, which provided much needed dental exams and cleanings for impoverished residents living in rural communities around Santiago.  During these clinics, an amazing 275 men, women, and children were seen and given valuable dental supplies.

Besides the dental clinics, the team distributed 10 clean water filtration systems to families living in Los Higos, a highly impoverished mountain community of Santiago. These filtration systems will provide more than 5 million gallons of clean drinking water for those who otherwise have no access to this critical human resource.

Additionally, the team held two more children's activities in San Pablo and participated in construction projects at the future site of Project Mañana's Retreat Center.

Project Mañana want to say a huge THANK YOU to Kaicey, Jonathan, Audrey, and Claire!

Are You Interested In An Internship With Project Mañana?

Project Mañana is always looking for high-energy interns to work alongside our full-time staff in the Dominican Republic. If you would like to embark on an amazing adventure and join Project Mañana's team as an intern, please send us a message.

Audrey - Water Filter
Audrey giving a clean water filter
Kaicey - Water Filter
Kaicey giving a clean water filter

Claire - Water Filter
Claire giving a clean water filter

Jonathan - Water Filter
Jonathan giving a clean water filter

Jonathan - Nutrition Center
Jonathan feeding children

Claire - Dental Clinic
Claire cleaning teeth at dental clinic
Back to School!
School Flag Salute
Students start school with the morning flag salute
Last week, studies resumed at Dios Da la Sabiduría ("God Gives the Wisdom") private school in San Pablo, Dominican Republic, now serving preschool through 4th grade!

Last year, Project Mañana made history when it launched its Education Project to open the very first school in San Pablo; where hundreds of children roam the streets each day. The school opened August 2014 and was able to provide enrollment to 64 students.

This year, Project Mañana is happy to report that 89 students are now enrolled in the school! 
In addition to the increasing enrollment, the school also added a 4th grade class and hired three new teachers.

We would also like to congratulate Alexandra Guzman who was appointed as the school's director after displaying tremendous leadership capability as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher last year.

In addition to the growth at the school, Project Mañana is also very excited to announce that it has officially partnered with Cincinnati Christian Schools, forming a "sister school" relationship. This relationship will allow students at both schools to become educated and informed about a different culture while pooling resources to provide students with the best possible education, facilities, and discipleship.

Want to learn more about the Education Project? Click Here.

Preschool students
Preschool students on their first day
Kindergarten students
Kindergarten students on their first day

Students Craft
Students enjoy a craft on their first day

Students saluting flag
Students saluting the flag
Institute for Authentic Manhood™ Continues to Grow
William Gomez - Prison Project
William Gomez with inmates at San Cristóbal Correctional Center
In June, the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ met its 2015 goal of expanding into six (6) Dominican Republic prisons throughout the country.

Project Mañana is proud to announce that the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ has since expanded into yet another prison, San Cristóbal Correctional Center. While Project Mañana didn't have plans to continue expansion in 2015, the authorities of the San Cristóbal Correctional Center were adamant that the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ needed to have a presence in their prison -- and thanks to the amazing leadership of Project Mañana's regional supervisor, David Klein, this expansion was made possible.

With more than 2,296 inmate graduates, the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ is a highly-effective project that provides men with a first-hand experience of God's love. Throughout the various courses offered, men (many for the first time ever) are taught important virtues like love, humility and service; all with an emphasis on God, family, and community.

Also this month, the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ celebrated 68 inmate graduates in the Puerta Plata Correctional Center and 59 inmates in the Rafey Correctional Center.

We continue to be excited to watch as these men develop a relationship with Christ and see other relationships built or restored with their families and those around them.

Want to learn more about the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ or sponsor an inmate to attend? Click Here.
Project Mañana By The Numbers*
Nutrition Project 153,960 Meals
Since 2010, our Nutrition Project has provided impoverished children with more than 153,960 meals. [learn more]
Clean Water Project 11,607,000 Gallons
We have distributed 212 water purification systems; providing 11,607,000 gallons of clean water each year to highly impoverished families. [learn more]
Education Project 89 Students
In August 2014, Project Mañana opened the very first school in San Pablo, Dominican Republic where 89 children receive a private education. [learn more]
Prison Project 2,296 Inmates
Project Mañana's Institute for Authentic Manhood™ has graduated 2,296 inmates; who now understand that an authentic man loves his parents, wife, children, family, and others in society. [learn more]
Volunteer Hours 36,344 Hours
American teams have provided more than 36,344 volunteer hours in the Dominican Republic. [learn more]

* Data as of August 31, 2015
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