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Project Mañana International
Issue 1, Vol. 1
 Serving In The Dominican Republic 
January 2016
News From Project Mañana!
Providing Competent Care To Children with Trauma
Workshop Attendees on Graduation Day
Workshop Attendees on Graduation Day

This month, Project Mañana was honored to host Back2Back Ministries' Training Team for a four-day intensive training workshop on how to provide competent care for children who have suffered with trauma.

The workshop was taught by Dr. David Schooler, Janye Schooler, MBS, BA and Julie Cooper. Back2Back Ministries Executive Director, Todd Guckenberger, and Brian Bertke (Director of Strategic Relationships) also attended the workshop to further provide encouragement.

Over a four-day period, Project Mañana's leadership team was joined by nearly 60 social workers, caregivers, ministry leaders, childcare professionals, and foster care specialists -- representing eight (8) different organizations in the Dominican Republic (including CONANI, the Dominican Republic's government agency for child social care).

The workshop was made up of an intensive nine (9) module training curriculum which included:

  • Module 1 - Trauma and its Impact on the Life of a Child
  • Module 2 - Understanding Trauma and the Age-Related Developmental Impact
  • Module 3 - The Journey to Becoming a Trauma Competent Caregiver
  • Module 4 - Essential Skills: Caring for the Child Holistically
  • Module 5 - Essential Skills: A Child or Teen's Greatest Needs
  • Module 6 - Helping a Child Modify Overwhelming Behaviors and Build Connection
  • Module 7 - Supporting Past Relationships and Promoting New Ones
  • Module 8 - Help a Child Develop a Strength-based Understanding of His/Her Life Story
  • Module 9 - Learn to Care for Ourselves While Caring For Our Children

On behalf of all the children and their families in the Dominican Republic, Project Mañana would like to sincerelythank Back2Back Ministries for their time, service, knowledge, and love.

Want to help Project Mañana host events like this in the future? Please make a donation on our website.

Dr. Dave Schooler explaining the role of a caregiver
Dr. Dave Schooler explaining the role of a caregiver
Project Mañana's  team at the workshop (back row)
Project Mañana's team at the workshop (back row)
Women in San Pablo Prepare For Annual Conference
Nebraska Berman with this year
Nebraska Berman with this year's study book

As part of Project Mañana's holistic approach to helping restore families and create disciples, a large focus is placed on women -- who, often in the Dominican Republic, are the leaders of their household.

Each year a group of 40+ women from the impoverished area of San Pablo, Dominican Republic select a topic and workbook that they would like to learn over a 10-month period. This year's topic is "The Power In A Women's Words."

Weekly, Project Mañana's Executive Director, Nebraska Berman, meets with the women in San Pablo. Together, they review the chapters of their workbook, do activities to reinforce the topic, and have an open discussion on issues and challenges they may be facing.

Meanwhile, a committed team of women in the United States, led by Julie Bogard, also study the same topic and workbook. They get together to discuss the material, prepare workshop modules, and activities. Then, the American women travel to the Dominican Republic for an annual conference where they meet their Dominican "sisters" for a four-day encounter and reinforcement of what they learned throughout the year.

Want to help women in the Dominican Republic reach their full potential? Please make a donation on our website.

The women of San Pablo at one of their weekly meetings
The women of San Pablo at one of their weekly meetings
The women of San Pablo at one of their weekly meetings
The women of San Pablo at one of their weekly meetings
[Video Message] - Institute For Authentic Manhood™ - Update

A personal message from Brian Berman (President, Project Mañana), William Gomez (Director, Institute for Authentic Manhood™) and German de Jesus Lion Polanco (Regional Supervisor, Institute for Authentic Manhood™).

If you would like to help change the hearts of inmate men, please visit our website to learn how you can help.

Video: Institute For Authentic Manhood

Watch The Video

Phase 3 of the Hope Center Building Project is ALMOST Funded!
Phase 3: Hope Center Building Project

Progress on the fundraising campaign to build the Hope Center, a state-of-the-art community center in San Pablo, Dominican Republic, is moving along.

We are pleased to announce that Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our campaign have been FULLY FUNDED -- and we only need to raise $1,904 to fully fund Phase 3.

Funding Phase 3 will put us one step closer to completing the Hope Center building project; which will offer more space to provide nutritious meals and clean water to the hundreds of children in San Pablo that still need our help.

Fundraising Progress: Phase 3
Goal: $20,000
Total Raised: $18,096
Needed to Complete Phase: $1,904

We Need Your Help!
Please help get the word out to your family and friends and let’s put Phase 3 behind us also.

We need YOUR help to provide hundreds of starving children with a nutritious meal and clean water.

Please Donate Today!
The total project cost is estimated at $166,800 U.S. and construction can immediately begin once we've raised the funds.

The faster we're able to raise the money, the sooner we can extend aide to children who desperately need it.

PLEASE DONATE TODAY: 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be allocated directly to the Hope Center building fund. Project Mañana does not take ANY administrative fees from your donation and we NEVER use your donation for anything besides the project in which it was intended.


Project Mañana By The Numbers*
Nutrition Project 171,140 Meals
Since 2010, our Nutrition Project has provided impoverished children with more than 171,140 meals. [learn more]
Clean Water Project 12,373,500 Gallons
We have distributed 226 water purification systems; providing 12,373,500 gallons of clean water each year to highly impoverished families. [learn more]
Education Project 89 Students
There are 89 students currently enrolled at Colegio Evangélico Dios Da La Sabiduría, Project Mañana's private school in San Pablo, Dominican Republic. [learn more]
Prison Project 2,720 Inmates
Project Mañana's Institute for Authentic Manhood™ has graduated 2,720 inmates; who now understand that an authentic man loves his wife, children, family, and others. [learn more]
Volunteer Hours 37,808 Hours
Mission teams & individual visitors have provided more than 37,808 volunteer hours in the Dominican Republic. [learn more]

* Data as of January 26, 2016
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Project Mañana Needs Your Help!
Project Mañana is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to sharing the gospel and break the cycle of poverty by investing in impoverished children, their families and communities through clean water, nutrition, education, and discipling projects.

We achieve our goals through charitable donations and child sponsorship, which unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children's immediate and basic needs. Sponsorship gives poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child - primarily in the areas of education and nutrition.

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