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Project Mañana International
Issue 3, Vol. 1
 Serving In The Dominican Republic 
March/April 2016
News From Project Mañana!
Team of 32 visits the Dominican Republic from Sister School
CCS Team
Cincinnati Christian School team

Project Mañana was honored to host a team of 32 students and teachers from Cincinnati Christian School (CCS) over spring break.

This team was very special, as CCS has officially been named as Project Mañana's sister school in the United States. Together the two schools are teaching their students about international culture, service, and giving.

During their 8-day mission trip, student and teachers from CCS joined Project Mañana's in-country team to serve the students of Project Mañana's private school in San Pablo, Dominican Republic. They also did a lot of community outreach, built relationships, helped with the construction projects, hosted children's activities, and distributed clean water filters throughout the community.

Thanks to the CCS team, Project Mañana is happy to report the following:

  • Construction on the new school building was advanced
  • A vegetable garden & walkway were installed at Project Mañana's retreat center
  • 89+ students participated in workshops, including: robotics, English, crafts, & sports
  • 35 families received clean water filtration systems
  • 150+ children learned bible stories through drama & crafts
  • 10 sponsors met their sponsored children
  • 215 nutritious meals were served each day to the impoverished children
If you would like to take a trip with your church, school, or group to the Dominican Republic, please visit the Trips section of our website for more information.

CCS team with water filters
The team getting ready to distribute water filters
Gathering water for cement
Ben Gillens & Diohanes collect water for mixing cement

Anna Holder serving at the Nutrition Center
Anna Holder serves a plate of food at the Nutrition Center

CCS Team with children
The team sang and played games with the children
Education Project: New 6-Classroom Building Almost Complete!
School Construction
New school building (left) next to exisiting school building

After nearly two years of prayer and fundraising, Project Mañana is very excited to announce that we broke ground on a brand new 6-classroom building at our school in early March 2016.

This 2-story building will allow space for another 100 students to attend Project Mañana's private school!

Thanks to the efforts of Project Mañana's construction team and the help from a recent mission trip of 32 people from Project Mañana's sister school (Cincinnati Christian School), progress is moving along on the building.

As for today, the first and second floor walls and ceilings are complete. This week the construction team will build the stairs, pour the floors, add smooth cement, and install doors/windows.

"This is truly a dream come true! I'm amazed every time I come to the school to see this beautiful building that will provide an education to so many children in this community. Now, I can't wait to raise another $50,000 to build the next building [6-more classrooms], so we can again increase capacity at our school," said Nebraska Berman, Project Mañana's executive director.

Project Mañana's private school currently has 89 students enrolled. Our desire and hope is to increase capacity to 150+ students in the upcoming 2016/2017 school year. However, to make this dream a reality, we need YOUR help. Would you please consider sponsoring a child? Starting at less than $1 per day, you can send a child to school and provide them with a daily nutritious meal.

If you would like to learn more about child sponsorship, please visit our website.

Video: Cardboard Signs

Watch The Video

Prison Project Graduations: 3 prisons, 134 inmates
Graduating inmates with Guillermo Torres
Graduating inmates with Regional Supervisor, Guillermo Torres

This past weekend was busy for Project Mañana's Institute for Authentic Manhood™ with graduations in two Dominican prisons: Rafey (located in Santiago) and Puerta Plata.

And, on April 23rd, a third graduation will take place in the prison located in San Cristobal.

Inmates who have successfully completed one or both of the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ courses (Authentic Manhood and Malachi Dads) are eligible to participate in the graduation where their families are permitted to enter the prison and sit with them during the graduation ceremony.

Project Mañana's Institute for Authentic Manhood™ has hosted over 100 graduation ceremonies over the years, however each one is unique and special. Inmates often reconcile with their parents, wife, children, and families during the graduation; making the day a true celebration of new beginnings and a changed heart for many of these inmates.

Project Mañana would like to extend a special thanks and recognition to its hard-working Institute for Authentic Manhood™ team:

  • William Gomez, National Director
  • Juan Rodriguez, Assistant to the National Director
  • David Klein, Regional Supervisor (Nayajo & San Cristobal)
  • Guillermo Torres, Regional Supervisor (Rafey/Santiago)
  • William Miller, Regional Supervisor (La Vega & Moca)
  • Gabriel Polanco, Regional Assistant (La Vega & Moca)
  • Francisco Rosario, Regional Supervisor (Puerta Plata)
  • German Polanco, Regional Supervisor (Prison Training Academy)
If you would like to help change the hearts of inmate men, please visit our website to learn how you can help.

[Video Message] - Institute For Authentic Manhood™ - Update

A personal message from Brian Berman (President, Project Mañana), William Gomez (Director, Institute for Authentic Manhood™) and German de Jesus Lion Polanco (Regional Supervisor, Institute for Authentic Manhood™).

Video: Institute For Authentic Manhood

Watch The Video

Help Reach the Phase 4 Hope Center Building Project Goal!
The Hope Center: Donate Today!

Progress on the fundraising campaign to build the Hope Center, a state-of-the-art community center in San Pablo, Dominican Republic, is moving along.

We are pleased to announce that Phase 1, Phase 2, and now Phase 3 of our campaign have been FULLY FUNDED -- that's $46,800 raised!

It's now time to work on funding Phase 4; putting us one step closer to completing the Hope Center building project. Once the Hope Center is complete, it will offer more space to provide hundreds of impoverished children in San Pablo with nutritious meals, clean water, medical clinics, and more.

Fundraising Progress: Phase 4
Goal: $25,000
Total Raised: $240
Needed to Complete Phase: $24,760

We Need Your Help!
Please help get the word out to your family and friends -- and let’s put Phase 4 behind us also.

Click Here to share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterst, and other social networks.

Please Donate Today!
The total project cost is estimated at $166,800 U.S. and construction can immediately begin once we've raised the funds.

The faster we're able to raise the money, the sooner we can extend aide to children who desperately need your help.

PLEASE DONATE TODAY: 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be allocated directly to the Hope Center building fund. Project Mañana does not take ANY administrative fees from your donation and we NEVER use your donation for anything besides the project in which it was intended.


Project Mañana By The Numbers*
Nutrition Project 182,350 Meals
Since 2010, our Nutrition Project has provided impoverished children with more than 182,350 meals. [learn more]
Clean Water Project 14,454,000 Gallons
We have distributed 264 water purification systems; providing 14,454,000 gallons of clean water each year to highly impoverished families. [learn more]
Education Project 89 Students
There are 89 students currently enrolled at Colegio Evangélico Dios Da La Sabiduría, Project Mañana's private school in San Pablo, Dominican Republic. [learn more]
Prison Project 2,910 Inmates
Project Mañana's Institute for Authentic Manhood™ has graduated 2,910 inmates; who now understand that an authentic man loves his wife, children, family, and others. [learn more]
Volunteer Hours 44,816 Hours
Mission teams & individual visitors have provided more than 44,816 volunteer hours in the Dominican Republic. [learn more]
Jobs 26 Jobs
Project Mañana has created 26 jobs for impoverished people in the Dominican Republic. [learn more]

* Data as of April 18, 2016
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We achieve our goals through charitable donations and child sponsorship, which unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children's immediate and basic needs. Sponsorship gives poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child - primarily in the areas of education and nutrition.

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