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Project Mañana International
Issue 4, Vol. 1
 Serving In The Dominican Republic 
May/June 2016
News From Project Mañana!
Baseball Camp Offers At-Risk Youth Discipleship & Fun
Baseball Camp
Project Mañana's First Annual Baseball Camp

When you think of the Dominican Republic, one of the first things that comes to mind is...BASEBALL! In fact, there are more young men and boys playing baseball than enrolled in school or working.

It's no surprise that many of the children enrolled in Project Mañana's sponsorship program are also huge baseball fans. That said, we are so excited to be hosting Baseball Camp this week for 27 of these children.

The community of San Pablo, Dominican Republic has been filled with energy by the children and their families as they attend practice with trainers in the mornings and play games in the afternoons. And, as an added blessing, each participant will receive a brand new bat and baseball at the end of the camp.

The purpose of this Baseball Camp is to connect with young men through something that is familiar; allowing the gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared. Through the team dynamics, trainers, and their peers, a perfect discipleship environment is created where devotionals and spiritual encouragement take place throughout the day.

Thanks to our sponsors, partners, and a very generous donation by Louisville Slugger, Project Mañana is honored to be able to host this special Baseball Camp.

If you would like to support activities like these, please make a tax-deductible donation.

Campers warming up
Campers warming up for baseball practice
Johan giving devotional
Baseball coach, Johan, giving a bible devotional to the campers
Team of 22 visits the Dominican Republic from Ohio
Bogard Team
Cincinnati Christian School team

Project Mañana was delighted to host a team of 22 missionaries from Center Pointe Christian Church and various other churches around Cincinnati, Ohio at the beginning of the summer.

As one of Project Mañana’s very first mission teams back in 2012 (led by Denny Board, Project Mañana board member, and his wife Julie), this team has created several special and long-lasting relationships as many of the team members have returned year-after-year. One of the team members returned for the 5th time this year!

During their 8-day mission trip, they joined hands with Project Mañana’s in-country team in order to continue the work in the community of San Pablo -- painting the first concrete block school building at Project Mañana’s private school, distributing clean water filters, deepening their relationships with the children and the community as a whole, and strengthening Project Mañana’s community outreach efforts.

Thanks to this team, we can report these advancements:

  • The 2-story school building was primed for its final paint job
  • The temporary elementary school building was beautifully painted
  • 22 families received clean water filtration systems
  • 5 sponsors were able to meet their sponsored children and form bonds
  • 150+ children attended two outreach activities with bible stories, songs, and arts/crafts
  • 215 nutritious meals were served each day to the impoverished children
If you would like to take a trip with your church, school, or group to the Dominican Republic, please visit the Trips section of our website for more information.

Building Bunk Beds
The team building bunk beds for the Guest House
Painting the school
Joy Ecker, Trey Weinberger, Warren Mills, and Faith Bogard

Painting the school
Antoinette Beerman paints the new school building

VBS with Children
The team sang and played games with the children
Prison Project Advances With Approval Of Government Officials
National Penitentiary School
William Gomez teaching at the National Penitentiary School

In our last newsletter, we were honored to announce that Project Mañana’s Institute for Authentic Manhood™ had received official approval and recognition from officials at the highest levels of the Dominican government -- the impact of which, has been very significant.

In June 2016, the Institute for Authentic Manhood™ began teaching its courses at the National Penitentiary School (ENAP), a facility in charge of training all the future prison guards for the nation. There are currently 200 men enrolled in our courses.

Moreover, the National Penitentiary Director, Dr. Ysmael Paniagua, has mandated that every prison guard (male and female) already working at a prison enroll in the Institute for Authentic Manhood™. These developments mean life change not only for the inmates who are already completing these courses inside the prisons, but also for the guards who supervise them.

inTouch Device Launch
The very first inmate receiving an inTouch audio device
We are also very excited to share that Project Mañana and its Institute for Authentic Manhood™ have received approval to distribute audio devices to every inmate (about 30,000) in the Dominican Republic. The audio device, created by inTouch Ministries, contains 30 bible-based messages and the entire New Testament Bible in three (3) different languages: Spanish, Creole and French. And, the devices are rechargeable (with solar, incandescent or fluorescent light), come with headphones for private listening, and have a built-in speaker for sharing with others.

Last Friday (June 17th), Project Mañana’s staff was joined by Dr. Ysmael Paniagua and several other key government officials for the official launch and very first distribution of the inTouch audio devices at the Rafey maximum-security prison in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The following is a quote from Dr. Ysmael Paniagua during the event: "We've spent all this time rehabilitating the minds of these inmates and although that is a good thing, we never noticed that the most important thing was to regenerate their hearts. There is only one way of doing that: the Word of God."

With many of these inmates not having the ability to read/write, owning such a device is a valuable resource, as many of them told us with tears in their eyes. We are very grateful to The Lord, our partners, and inTouch Ministries who brilliantly came up with the idea for this device.

If you would like to learn more information about the Prison Project or want to sponsor an inmate to attend the Institute for Authentic Manhood™, please visit our website.

Prison Project Gets Recognition In The Media

Project Mañana's Institute for Authentic Manhood™ recently received recognition in a newspaper article by the Signal Newspaper in Santa Clarita, California; as they reported on how our partner, Awana Lifeline, has worked closely with Project Mañana to launch their programs (Malachi Dads & Hannah's Gift) in the prisons of the Dominican Republic.

100 Children Receive Shoes In The Dominican Republic

Thanks to Project Mañana's partner, Because International (creators of The Shoe That Grows), 100 impoverished children in the Dominican Republic received a brand new pair of shoes.

Shoe Drop!

Watch The Video

Help Reach the Phase 4 Hope Center Building Project Goal!
The Hope Center: Donate Today!

Progress on the fundraising campaign to build the Hope Center, a state-of-the-art community center in San Pablo, Dominican Republic, is moving along.

We are pleased to announce that Phase 1, Phase 2, and now Phase 3 of our campaign have been FULLY FUNDED -- that's $46,800 raised!

It's now time to work on funding Phase 4; putting us one step closer to completing the Hope Center building project. Once the Hope Center is complete, it will offer more space to provide hundreds of impoverished children in San Pablo with nutritious meals, clean water, medical clinics, and more.

Fundraising Progress: Phase 4
Goal: $25,000
Total Raised: $320
Needed to Complete Phase: $24,680

We Need Your Help!
Please help get the word out to your family and friends -- and let’s put Phase 4 behind us also.

Click Here to share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other social networks.

Please Donate Today!
The total project cost is estimated at $166,800 U.S. and construction can immediately begin once we've raised the funds.

The faster we're able to raise the money, the sooner we can extend aid to children who desperately need your help.

PLEASE DONATE TODAY: 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be allocated directly to the Hope Center building fund. Project Mañana does not take ANY administrative fees from your donation and we NEVER use your donation for anything besides the project in which it was intended.


Project Mañana By The Numbers*
Nutrition Project 192,420 Meals
Since 2010, our Nutrition Project has provided impoverished children with more than 192,420 meals. [learn more]
Clean Water Project 14,673,000 Gallons
We have distributed 268 water purification systems; providing 14,673,000 gallons of clean water each year to highly impoverished families. [learn more]
Education Project 89 Students
There are 89 students currently enrolled at Colegio Evangélico Dios Da La Sabiduría, Project Mañana's private school in San Pablo, Dominican Republic. [learn more]
Prison Project 3,125 Inmates
Project Mañana's Institute for Authentic Manhood™ has graduated 3,125 inmates; who now understand that an authentic man loves his wife, children, family, and others. [learn more]
Volunteer Hours 48,512 Hours
Mission teams & individual visitors have provided more than 48,512 volunteer hours in the Dominican Republic. [learn more]
Jobs 26 Jobs
Project Mañana has created 26 jobs for impoverished people in the Dominican Republic. [learn more]

* Data as of June 30, 2016
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