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Project Mañana International
Issue 3, Vol. 1
 Serving In The Dominican Republic 
March/April 2015
News From Project Mañana!
Project Mañana Hosts Mission Team of 18 From Ohio
Center Pointe Team
Center Pointe Christian Church Team

On April 2nd, Project Mañana was honored to host a team of 18 people from Center Pointe Christian Church in Liberty Township, Ohio.

(Click Here to View Photos From Their Trip)

During the six-day trip to the Dominican Republic, the team met their sponsored children, presented two Easter dramas, played games with the children of San Pablo, helped serve food at Project Mañana's Nutrition Center, assisted with construction on the Project Mañana private school, and created new relationships that will last a lifetime.

This team put a great deal of effort into planning and preparing for their trip and an even greater effort upon their arrival! Among many special activities was an interactive Lego® robotics workshop (special thanks to Gina Smearsoll and Cincinnati Christian Schools) where the children learned about mechanics, teamwork, and computer programming.

In addition to all the team's activities at Project Mañana's facilities in San Pablo, the team had the opportunity to venture into the community and deliver 20 clean water filtration systems through house visits (learn more about our Clean Water Project). Thanks to these 20 filters, the families of San Pablo now have access to 1.1 million gallons of clean drinking water each year!

Project Mañana was designed to bring together a community of ordinary people who are ready and willing to do extra-ordinary things! We absolutely love it when sponsors visit their sponsored children and not only spend quality time investing in their lives, but also lend a hand in helping us to invest in the community as a whole.

We would sincerely like to thank the Center Pointe Christian Church team who showed up ready to invest -- and, boy, they did just that! The positive effect they've left in the Dominican Republic will last for many, many years!!

Are You Interested In Taking a Team Trip?

If you would like more information about taking a team trip to the Dominican Republic, please visit the Trips section of our website.

Project Mañana Launches A New Church & Appoints Pastor
Pastor Camilo Guerra
Pastor Camilo Guerra
One of Project Mañana's main operating philosophies is to partnering with nationals and empower them to lead within their community. We call this our Timothy Project.

We truly understand that as Americans, we are foreigners to the rich Dominican culture. Thus, to achieve our goal of creating disciples and helping nationals break the cycle of poverty, we must empower national leaders to serve their own people. In other words, we believe in helping the people of the Dominican Republic to build their own legacy rather than building it for them.

Project Mañana's first point of contact is always through the local evangelical church.

That said, Project Mañana quickly discovered that the community of San Pablo had very little confidence in the local church as it was riddled with corruption, dishonesty, and abuse.

Desperate to change this attitude about the local church, Project Mañana has spent more than a year in search of a Godly national leader who could pastor a new, Christ-centered church.

After much prayer and counsel, last month Project Mañana's leadership team (under the direction of its board of directors) began taking calculated steps toward launching a new church and appointing a national pastor.

On Sunday, March 29, 2015, Iglesia Evangelica Punto Central ("Center Point Christian Church") held its first celebration service under the direction of senior pastor Camilo Guerra. The service was held at Project Mañana's Nutrition Center and there was standing room only as the entire room was filled and seats were placed outside to accomodate the overflow.

Pastor Camilo has spent the better part of the last two decades serving in leadership positions at various local churches in the Dominican Republic. Over the last several years, Pastor Camilo felt God calling him, his wife Antonia, and their eight children to a full-time position as a senior pastor.

After much discussion, planning, and prayer, Pastor Camilo left his secular job making jeans at a local clothing factory, and on March 5, 2015 fulfilled his calling into full-time ministry.

Project Mañana is honored to partner with Pastor Camilo and his family. We invite you to join us in praying that God will work through Pastor Camilo to create a healthy body of Christ that will cause eternal change in the community of San Pablo.
Project Mañana Completes School Expansion
School Expansion
School Expansion (view from back of school)

Project Mañana's private school opened it’s doors in September 2014 and began providing a private education to 64 impoverished and at-risk children (PreK-3rd Grade).

"It's absolutely awe-inspiring to walk up the street towards the bright orange school building on any day of the week and hear the murmur of children learning. On the surface this sounds like a small thing, but just months before the 64 children who now attend Project Mañana's private school spent their days running through the streets with nothing to do and no future. Now, they sit in class - each day - and learn math, reading, Spanish, English, and most important the Bible." said Nick Hartsfield, general manager of Project Mañana.

From the moment the school opened, our goal was to continue to expand until Project Mañana offered a full range of classes from PreK through High School. Today, we are happy to announce that we are one step closer with the recent completion of a building expansion.

The school now offers two additional classrooms, a cafeteria, two administrative offices, and two bathrooms! And, we'd like to give a special thanks to the team from Center Pointe Christian Church who helped to paint and put the finishing touches on the school during their trip.

With the additional space, Project Mañana is ready to accommodate 150 students; which will more than double the amount of students served in the 2015/2016 school year.

Please help us provide an education to more children...

While the physical structure is now ready to accommodate more students, we still need to raise addition funds to hire more teachers. We also need to provide uniforms, textbooks, and school supplies to the students.

Would you please consider sponsoring a child (sponsorship starts at less than $1 per day), or making a financial gift to help provide an education to the nearly 800 children of San Pablo who desperately want to achieve their dreams and break the cycle of poverty.

School 1
New Classroom 1
School 2
New Classroom 2
School 3
New Classroom 3
School 4
New Play Yard in Rear of School
Phase 2 of the Hope Center Building Project is Funded!
Phase 3: Hope Center Building Project

On November 24th, we kicked off Phase 2 of a campaign to raise $10,000 in 30 days for the new Project Mañana Hope Center.

We are pleased to announce that this campaign was successful and we were able to reach the $10,000 goal thanks to your generous giving.

This puts us one step closer to completing the Hope Center building project; which will offer more space to provide a nutritious meal and clean water to the hundreds of children in San Pablo that still need our help.

While completing Phase 2 is extremely exciting and a huge accomplishment, we must keep moving.

Phase 3 is now underway and our next goal is $20,000 by April 30, 2015. Please help get the word out to your family and friends and let’s put Phase 3 behind us also.

We need YOUR help to provide hundreds of starving children with a nutritious meal and clean water.

Please Donate Today!

The total project cost is estimated at $150,000 US and construction can immediately begin once we've raised the funds.

The faster we're able to raise the money, the sooner we can extend aide to children who desperately need it.

PLEASE DONATE TODAY: 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be allocated directly to the Hope Center building fund. Project Mañana does not take ANY administrative fees from your donation and we NEVER use your donation for anything besides the project in which it was intended.

Project Mañana Store: Featured Merchandise
Project Mañana Needs Your Help!
Project Mañana is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to sharing the gospel and break the cycle of poverty by investing in impoverished children, their families and communities through clean water, nutrition, education, and discipling projects.

We achieve our goals through charitable donations and child sponsorship, which unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children's immediate and basic needs. Sponsorship gives poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child - primarily in the areas of education and nutrition.

YOUR GIFT IS 100% TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Consult your tax advisor.

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