Where We Work

One of the poorest areas in the country of the Dominican Republic, Villa González (and specifically the refugee community of San Pablo) is home to more than 330 families. This community was established by the Dominican government several years ago after several families were displaced from their homes during Hurricane David. The average HOUSEHOLD income is $75-$100 US per month and each household is estimated at 6-8 people. We estimate that there are between 500-600 children (under age 18) living in the community. Drug use and prostitution are prevalent.

There is no clean water in the area and electricity is sporadic with only about 2-4 hours of power per day. There are no schools or medical services in the area. The closest public school is a dangerous 30-minute walk on a busy freeway (watch the video). The closest doctor or hospital is a 20-30 minute drive (and most people do not have cars or transportation).

Project Mañana has been working in the community of San Pablo since October 2012 and currently provides a nutritious meal to 255 children each day through our Nutrition Project (as child sponsorship increases, we will open space for more children). In addition, Project Mañana has distributed 541 water purification systems; providing 29,619,750 gallons of clean water each year through our Clean Water Project.

In August 2014, Project Mañana opened the very first school in San Pablo and is providing a solid education through our Education Project to 116 children.

Project Mañana also hosts sports outreach programs, children ministry (Vacation Bible School camps), sexual purity and education groups for teenage girls, and is working one-on-one with several families to help them break the cycle of poverty. Biannually, we host medical clinics with American doctors, dentists, and medical professionals; which provide free services to the community.

Most Immediate Needs for Villa González: Food, Clean Water and Education!

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  • San Pablo, Villa González
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