Introducing the Smile Club

What is the Smile Club?

As part of Project Mañana's holistic care approach to serving impoverished and vulnerable children (and their families), we've launched a strong initiative focused on proper oral hygiene and preventative care -- it's called, the Smile Club!

The Problem

Many children (and their families) do not have access to dental care, nor have they had the opportunity to be educated on the importance of proper oral hygiene. Even acquiring a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss is an extra cost that is commonly unobtainable.

This lack of oral hygiene, and simple preventative measures that can be taken, has led to a crisis of very poor oral health -- often leading to the complete loss of teeth due to severe decay and infection.

The Solution

Through a fun and attractive "club", the children (and their families) are taught about proper oral hygiene and given tools to help them achieve great results.

The Smile Club provides each child with a "Smile Kit" consisting of a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

Project Mañana's orthodontist and educational staff teach each child how to properly brush and floss; and how to create a regular routine to do so. We've even created a Smile Chart to help the children track their progress!

We Need Your Help!

The cost to provide a child with a Smile Kit is only $5!
Please partner with Project Mañana by making a donation to help purchase the kits.

No gift is too small.

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